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Sanity is the fashion forward Men's & Women's Clothing & Accessory Boutique, specializing in the most sought after contemporary designers as well as handpicked independent labels from NY and LA. Sanity carries the hottest shoes and jewelry as well as unique gifts and apothecary lines. Sanity is truly a one of a kind and a must see!


we LOVE aternative apparel

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The newest collection to Sanity is a basics line- Alternative Apparel. We have just receive several items from this amazing company who makes basics as well as fashion basics from Pima Cotton, Recycled materials and Oraganic Cotton. Every item is super soft and oh-so-comfy!

The line has men's and women's items and ranges from a basic (soooooo soft) favorite tee to burnout leggings and tunic for women and hooded henleys for men.

The colors are vibrant and the quality surpasses American Apparel.
The model in the picture is modeling the Pocket Skirt which can easily become a staple in anyone's closet. The skirt retails for $58 and can be found either on our website (click here to go right to it) or visit our retail store.


Fashion Show madness!

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The last couple weeks have been vey exciting for us. We have been asked to dress models for 2 fashion shows. One on Saturday, January 31 and Wednesday, February 4th.
This coming up Saturday, January 31, we we were asked by Lavish Salon to get together and put on a "New York Style" fahion show. Lavish is a new trendy salon in Cleveland (check out their site...they have a "color bar").
The theme of the night is "Blackout" and will be held at Anatomy Night Club in downtown Cleveland. The fashion show doesn't start until 11:30, but the models will be walking around and talking to all of the guests. There is a $5 cover charge and anyone is welcome to come and watch.
Our second fashion show is the Lexus Style Show at the State Theatre on Wednesday February 4. Doors open at 6:00 pm and the fashion show begins at 7:30pm.
Here is the schedule for the evening:
6:00pm – State Theatre Lobby – Cocktails, Hors D’oeuvres, Trunks Shows, Callaway Golf, Raffles, Prizes and Product Samplings
7:30pm – State Theatre Stage – Fashion Show & Lexus RX Unveiling
8:15pm – Lexus RX Raffle Giveaway & Meet and Greet with Redesigned Lexus RX
8:30pm – State Theatre Lobby – Dessert
10:00pm – Evening Concludes

There is no cover charge this year, which is really nice and we are expecting about 1500 people, so it'll be a really exciting night.
We wil be dressing the models in our newest winter and spring arrivals for 2009.
We look forward to seeing you there!


Spring is finally here!

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It may be 10 degrees outside, but our spring collections are starting to come in! We just got in some really great lightweight Theory button downs for men as well as a great military/safari style jacket. These styles will be on our website shortly.
The trends for spring are a lot of neutrals as well as nautical white and blue (how fitting considering the inaguration is tomorrow). You may see a lot of neurals, but neon colors are still a very strong trend for this spring. All my ladies; make sure to try out a jumper and/or jumpsuit. I'm sure you've been seeing them all over the pages of Elle and Vogue, but they're not just for the models. They look adorable paired with a long sleeve tee and gladiator sandals.
My new favorite trend is statement jewelry. There are so many great ways to wear statement jewelry and it instantly dresses up any outfit.
As we receive more items in the store, i will keep updating my blog as well as the website to try and take away those winter blues!
Have a great day everyone.


Vintage Jewelry Huntress

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I have taken up a new title and hobby..."Vintage Jewelry Huntress".
This all came about one night when I was sitting around the dining room table with three wonderful women ...rummaging through one of Kevin's Nanny's jewlery boxes. Over an hour went by and we untangled most of the necklaces, earrings and bracelets, each one of us found a little treasure to take home with us. There were some really beautiful pieces, some vintage and some not. One bracelet had a signature and thank goodness for the iphone or I would have never know that the bracelet was made by a well known designer from the 1970's and this bracelet was in fact vintage.
This night sparked an cool would it be for us to carry vintage jewlery at Sanity along with our other jewlery collections.
So i went searching...first researching and then SHOPPING!
I have found some really wonderful pieces so far. Many ranging from the 1950's to the 80's. I couldn't believe that a piece from the 80's was vintage, but as long as it's over 20 years old, it's considered vintage and over 50 years old is considered antique.
My goal is to find more pieces from the 1930's and 40' my search continues.......


Sanity's Plain Dealer Article Dec 24, 2008

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Shop is an oasis of Sanity for male and female shoppers -- Places in Style
Wednesday, December 24, 2008 Fran Henry Plain Dealer Reporter

When Kevin and Isabel Pritchett said "I do" in May, they were already up to their elbows in commitment. While planning their wedding, the young couple, 26 and 25 respectively, were in the thick of preparations to open a boutique in Chagrin Falls that features the latest and hottest in men's and women's fashion. Their shop, Sanity, at 8 E. Washington St., opened in early September. Not only did they design and execute the shop's subliminally undersea decor -- painting, installing carpet and searching the Internet for unique sea-urchin-like lights -- they went on their first buying trip to the famous Magic trade show in Las Vegas in February.
"We saw every clothing line you can imagine," said Isabel, a petite woman in stiletto heels, denim capris and a long belted tunic. "We're both into it. We have two pairs of eyes for every buying trip." Their shop is stocked with a wide range of designers they love -- including Stella and Jamie, Robert Rodriguez, Free People, Paige Premium Denim, Junk Food, Glamour Campaign, Rich & Skinny, Joe's Jeans and William Rast.
"We're the only store in Ohio that carries Glamour Campaign," Kevin said, standing amid a clutch of clothing racks in the trendy shop. And they might also be the only shopkeepers who play "Project Runway" constantly on a 47-inch LCD flat-screen television above the cashier area.
"Our customers love the show," Kevin said.
They pride themselves on their wide selection of contemporary jeans and T-shirts for men and women, as well as clothing to dress a young couple to the nines -- including blazers with hoods and elaborately embroidered backs.
In fact, area high school girls found Sanity in time for unique dresses for their homecoming dances. The Pritchetts sold only one of a style to each school, ensuring that their customers didn't see themselves coming and going.
"This Stella and Jamie ruffled-neck, drop-waist chiffon sold out in mauve and cream," Isabel said, holding a black version up to herself. The Pritchetts also stock affordable gift items, including slogan T-shirts, Cake brand bath and body products, Diesel messenger bags, scarves, and handbags designed by Hudson artist Maryann Wohlwend. And they decided to feature shoes that are mostly between $59 and $100 a pair, so customers could finish off more easily. In short, Sanity is the sort of unique boutique they'd seek out as customers.
"We don't want to wear the same things everyone else does," Isabel said.

To reach this Plain Dealer reporter:, 216-999-4806
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Wearing high heels may make you a victim...

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I was just reading a report done in Los Angeles that said that women wearing 3 inch heels or higher are more at risk of getting mugged than women not wearing heels. Apparently, muggers spot out women wearing high heels and choose them as their target. Women carrying shopping bags while walking in high heels are more at risk.
Just a bit of info for all my Sanity Fashionstas...


Benjamin Button, a curious case indeed...

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Welcome back to the real world! The holidays are over, it's a new year...back to reality!

I hope everyone had a great new year. We went to Paladar at Eton Collection and it was a great night! They had a special new year menu and a DJ that started playing music around 10pm. The place was packed and everyone was having a great time dancing and just hanging out. They passed out champaign, noise makers and new years hats and at midnight everyone counted down to 2009 as we all watched the ball drop. It was a fun night!

There are so many new movies out now and we wanted to go see a movie one night last week and there were too many to choose from. At the top of my list was "Marley and Me" (of coarse) which i heard was great but really sad at the end. We ended up going to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and I didn't realize it was going to be a 3 hour movie, but it was worth it! The movie was great. Someone compaired it to a "Forest Gump" type of movie because everything in it had meaning. Seeing Brad Pitt as an old man is strange because it's still his eyes and some of his features, but all wrinkled (not cute). At certain parts though when he is getting younger you start to really see Brad Pitt and it's kinda creepy, but interesting. The character he plays (Benjamin Button) is a sweet guy with a big heart, in a way like Forest Gump. The end is sad, but the inevitable happened.
If you have not seen this movie, it's a must see and will stay with you forever.
This is off subject, but Sanity has started its winter hours. Sanity is still open 7 days a week, but we have shortened our hours. We are open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 10am - 6pm, Thursday 10am-8pm and Sunday 12-5.
Have a great weekend everyone!!