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Sanity is the fashion forward Men's & Women's Clothing & Accessory Boutique, specializing in the most sought after contemporary designers as well as handpicked independent labels from NY and LA. Sanity carries the hottest shoes and jewelry as well as unique gifts and apothecary lines. Sanity is truly a one of a kind and a must see!


Ultra luxurious Qi Cashmere!

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Cashmere, the weakness of many women and men. Qi Cashmere is a cashmere brand like no other. The creative, innovative styles of Qi look as good as they feel. Qi challenges the “classic sweater” with dramatic lines and sexy shapes perfect for any woman. Whether you’re channeling a ’50s bobbysoxer or a modern superwoman, Qi creates premium pieces with an everyday sense of luxury.
We have a couple new fall arrivals from Qi Cashmere in store and at that just arrived yesterday.

We have more pieces to come for fall and holiday that are just as amazing!
With its short sleeve design, side slits and deep v, this over sized tunic by Qi Cashmere can easily take you from early fall through late spring.
like cashmere, the beautiful cobalt color is timeless and can be fashioned in countless ways.
Day time look? Put this tunic over your favorite long sleeve tee and your favorite pair of jeans or leggings. Throw on a pair of boots and a scarf and you're out the door!
Taking this tunic from day to night, just grab your dark skinny jeans, a pair of heels and a gorgeous long layered necklace and you're ready for a night out with your friends or a date!

I have to admit, I've always been a dress girl. Not only do you instantly look put together in a dress, but it's the easiest outfit in the world! All you need is a pair of shoes and jewelry to compliment and you're done!
I absolutely love the combo dress with a top and bottom that are different colors. Some can look like a skirt and top combo, but with the combo dress by Qi, you get the interest of a top and skirt, with the luxury of cashmere and none of the fussiness of having to tuck in your shirt and having the two pieces to keep together. I'm all about simplicity, comfort and looking good (in case you haven't noticed) :)

Make sure to check back in to my blog, i'll have more new arrivals on here as they come in!


New Arrivals from Young Fabulous & Broke!

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Now at Sanity and - Young Fabulous & Broke New Arrivals!
The Seven Kay Coat-
An avant-garde take on casual wear, this fleece jacket features an oversized and collar and stunning black and white print silk lining. Check it out below and here!

Our next favorite new arrival is the Riley top. A double layered top featuring a bottom "halter tank" with a gray and white print attached to a top layer; a solid, short sleeved top.
The Riley top is too cute to pass up! Wear it with a pair of dark jeans and heels and you're ready for a night out with friends!

And last but not least, 32 Flavors by YFB brings us the "Love Baseball Top". I'm in LOVE with this baseball tee!
A super girly version of a baseball tee in pink and gray!
Made from a cotton/modal blend this incredibly soft baseball tee has "love" written on it in silver sequins.
YFB makes it nearly impossible for any girl to look shleppy when having a casual day!

Check out all these great styles at Sanity in Chagrin Falls or don't forget we ship free worldwide, so why not try out one or a few of these amazing styles!
Check back in soon...more amazing new arrivals from Sanity to come!
I'll give you a hint **Qi Cashmere** ;)


I tame wild things

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When i was a little girl, one of my all time favorite children books was "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak. This book that was loved by millions of children is now bringing back a feeling of joy to the adults who grew up with it. This beloved book has been turned into a movie that is scheduled to be released in theaters on October 16, 2009!
Junk Food Clothing has been designing great tees for men and women for the past year that follow the theme of "Where the Wild Things Are" and the reaction in the store has been unbelievable. Every one who grew up with the book can't help but pick up the shirts and with a big smile tell the people around them how much they loved the book when they were young.

Check out the newest design for Junk Food's Wild Things tee, properly named "I tame wild things"!

We have a few more new additions to Sanity's line of Junk Food tees for both men and women, check them out below and make sure to stop in and check out the rest of the new arrivals! They make such great gifts and make sure to pick one up for yourself, they're too great to pass up!


Diesel Planet

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With over 700 different denim styles to offer, the Diesel mecca store aka "Planet" on 5th Ave in NYC has everything a Diesel lover could ask for. Walking through the glass sliding doors, you enter a dark, rock n roll store filled with three levels of pure Diesel heaven. Filled with items to satisfy any man's and woman's Diesel craving, the store's unique mix of music, decor and fashion was definitely a breath of fresh air.
The label is considered a cult brand for denim lovers. I have heard countless stories of men owning a pair of Diesel jeans and after years of love and wear, they cried if something happened to their Diesel's or if they got a hole in them. Now that's true love.
Amazingly, construction for Diesel Planet took over 14 months with more than 300 people working 24/7. A
team of Italian craftsmen cast and created the interior components such as the
cash wraps, stairwell and fixtures. The team and all hardware were brought over
from Italy and paired with a team of 250 Americans who worked together to
reassemble the final installation.
The Diesel Planet has so many unique services to offer. To truly personalize your denim, you will be able to customize your denim to your own personal style. On-site tailoring, pop up DJ booths on every floor and free Wi-Fi are just the icing on the cake.

If you can't make it to the Diesel store in NYC, don't worry, Sanity has you covered. You will always find great Diesel styles at Sanity and, including fashion and accessories for women and fashion, denim and accessories for men.


Dirty Pretty Things Jewelry

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I recently had a chance to meet the creators of the jewelry line, Dirty Pretty Things, a collection of feminine and edgy jewelry ranging from necklaces, bangles and earrings. The line is filled with really rich and unique designs that grab the attention of anyone with a eye for fashion or anyone who enjoys jewelry (i think there are a lot of us out there!). The two images below are my favorite pieces from the collection. I'm a really "girl girl" so of coarse i picked the earrings with a pink heart. This pair of earrings are named "Cheeky Pink Love Silver Earrings" and retail for $53. The picture really does the earrings no justice, they look unbelievable in person. They are very feminine and in my opinion would look great with a tank and a pair of jeans or dressed up!

My favorite bracelet is the "Bubble Gum Bling Bracelet" in black. This bracelet also comes in white and is stunning in both colors. The retail for the piece is $48 and is so versatile.

Check out this link to learn more about the artists and their creative vision for the Dirty Pretty Things line and make sure to look at the rest of the line, i promise you will be happy you did.
Watch for the line at Sanity and as well!


leaving nyc

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I'm sitting at the airport waiting for our flight back to Cleveland and I'm thinking about how great our trip was. At the end of my last blog post I mentioned that we were going to see "In the Heights". I heard such great reviews about the show and it really was a great show! The actors were great and very funny! There was a lot of comedy and most of the comic relief came at just the right time. In the Heights tells a story about a few people who grew up in Washington Heights, NY and are struggling to survive and make a life for themselves. There were some sad moments but for the most part the crowd was laughing hysterically.
Yesterday morning we went to the Nanette Lepore showroom and saw the beautiful holiday and resort collection. I have been dying to introduce Nanette Lepore to Sanity and and now is my chance!
We are on our way back and just in time for the Annual Chagrin Falls Art Walk. We will be featuring 2 great artists...Meghan Bailin for Meghan Bailin Pottery and Dirty Pretty Things Jewelry!


trip to nyc!

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Kevin and I are having a great time in NYC. We landed yesterday and did some shopping and walking around the city. We are staying in the AMAZING w hotel in times square. The hotel is incredibly decorated. You walk in to a water themed foyer with water above you in the ceiling. The entire hotel's decor is modern and clean simple lines. The beauty of it is very understated. The best part about the hotel are the spacious (in a new york sense) rooms. Before we left for our trip we booked reservations for Daniel Bouled's new restaurant DBGB in Noho. I was really excited to try this burger and sausage bar. The appetizers were great we got the oysters which were really great and the cucumber soup, but I was a bit disappointing when the entrees came out. I ordered the muscles in a coconut milk broth and wasn't happy with it. It was really lacking the flavor of the coconut milk. Kevin ordered the Frenchie burger which was supposed to have a slice of pork belly on it but when the burger came out it was a thin slice of bacon on it. Bacon is VERY different than pork belly as we all know! When it came to desert we decided to get the sundae bar. It was good. I mean it's kind of hard to mess up a sundae. All in all DBGB was OK. Not a fave but I'm sure it will get better as most new restaurants do........
Today we had an early appointment with Theory for the mens and womens holiday and spring collection. There were some really great pieces that I am so excited to bring into Sanity and We are off to Hugo Boss next!
Tonight we are seeing the play "In the Heights". I will let you know what I thought! Check back in to Sanity's blog soon!



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Sanity's latest venture is the opening of Sanity Beachwood! Sanity Beachwood is a sampling of what you'll find at Sanity in Chagrin Falls, but there are some great items that Sanity Chagrin Falls doesn't have.
Consisting of mainly Planet Flops all natural brazilian rubber flip flops (read what Planet Flops are all about here) and hilarious tee shirst for men and women, you'll find something for everyone at Sanity Beachwood.
The David & Goliath, Junk Food and character tee shirts are hilarious and make great gifts for yourself or someone else! You'll also be able to pick up Hollywood Fashion Tape and other accessories by Hollywood Fashion Tape as well as men's and women's Alternative Apparel items.

(Located next to the down escalator on the second floor at Beachwood Place)


Work Custom Jeans

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We've been patiently waiting for our shipment of Work Custom Jeans and it's finally here!
Worn by celebrities of all kinds, these jeans represent creativity, workmanship and best of all comfort!
Here are a couple pics of Kourtney Kardashian and Gwen Stefani wearing the Moto Zip jean:

Here is what Work Custom is all about:
"Work Custom Jeans had its beginnings with two artist-musicians who channeled their creativity into custom jeans from their Echo Park studio in Los Angeles, California.

Today, the brand has expanded into a full collection ­ the result of tireless collaborations between noted top stylists and jeaners who have been behind a number of successful brands including True Religion and Ralph Lauren's highly coveted Double RL denim collection. Only the finest of materials are considered for the line: from our select choice of fabrics, hand-picked at mills from the hills of Japan, Italy or France, to the hardware forged by Italian craftsman who make one-of-kind pieces for top couture houses.

The workmanship going into each pair of Work Custom Jeans is a continual work in progress. Our brand is about our collective passion, a reflection of those things that inspire us all: from the color palettes of Jackson Pollock, Robert Rauschenberg and Helen Frankenthaler, to eras and figures that spawned disco, rock, punk. Our products evoke the senses: the rush of speed on a stretch of open highway; the solitude of a desert oasis in Tangiers.

This relentless creative momentum has garnered several trademarks and design patents, including the unique reverse J-stitch that allows the fly to conform seamlessly to the body. While still paying homage to iconic classics, we¹re continually collaborating, exploring, engineering and re-engineering to try and come up with something new and relevant.... All of which reinforces the culture of the brand and our mantra:


Work Custom Jeans can now be found at Sanity and soon at
Styles now available at Sanity:
Moto Zip in Black....a cool skinny leg with brassy gold zippers....the zippers give it just the right amount of detail to spice up any outfit!
Viper in Tokyo indescribably soft jean that is lightweight and super comfy!