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Men's Fall 2010 Preview

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Kevin and I got back from Vegas a about a week ago and we had an amazing trip! There was so much to see this year at the shows and all of our lines are coming out with truly amazing collections for Fall 10.  I wanted to give my readers a little preview of what you can expect for next fall.
(Thanks to for the pic :) )
Men, get ready for chinos and cords. They are everywhere and all the rage. Designers are showing a straight and even skinny chino and cord for men. The style looks really polished and looks great with the abundance of plaid that you guys are going to be wearing next fall. The chinos pictured about are by Toddland and are called "The Greatest Pants in the Universe" and they literally are the greatest pants in the universe. They are a slimmer fit, but not too slim. Straight but not too straight. Watch for the Toddland in store and online this month.
Plaid was big this past fall and we're seeing it for spring, but next fall it's going to be even bigger. Hard to believe, I know. The type of plaid we are seeing is across the board and ranges from a small check to big plaid checks. You'll be able to pair your plaids with cozy sweaters and cardigans. There will be so many cardigans and sweaters to choose from and in are going to come in really nice neutral colors so they will compliment a lot of items that you already own.
A trend that we are seeing for guys is a western and navajo trend, which can either look really good or really really bad. Just depends on who is designing it I guess. You'll see these themes popping up everywhere so don't be nervous when you see it, it's really a very cool trend when done right.
Denim is really moving away from a boot cut/flare jean and taking a sleeker more polished approach with the straight leg jean for guys that will be seen everywhere and from every company. If you haven't ventured into the slim leg, try it on without thinking about it and I promise you'll like what you see.

Check back for women's trends for Fall 10 after the weekend...
Have a great weekend everyone!


So Very 50's

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I was so excited when one of my best friends, Jessa Goodworth aka We TV's Dubious Bride asked me to help her find the perfect dress for the couple's 1950's themed engagement pictures. The second I heard 1950's I thought of Mad Men, perfectly dressed housewife, cigarettes and pearls. Since we've had BB Dakota in the store, I see it popping up in more and more places on TV and I was so excited to see that many BB Dakota dresses are in the TV show Mad Men. The vintage style of BB Dakota is a perfect fit for the 1950's themed show.
Jessa had it all planned out. The dresses, the place and the photographer to capture the moments.
She picked the La Cave du Vin, a very cool and very rustic place for the photo shoot.
Her photographer was Rich Pappas, a very talented photographer in Cleveland.
The dresses were my favorite part (of coarse). Jessa chose BB Dakota's Madison Dress and the Nettie Dress. Both were amazing choices and perfectly suited the shoot.
The first picture is of the Nettie Dress and the picture directly underneath is the Madison Dress.

There were so many pictures to choose from and each and every one was so amazing but these were 2 of my favorite pictures.
To see a slide show of Jessa and Jason's engagement pictures click here:
And make sure to rate it 5 stars on You Tube so we can help Jessa and Jason's video go viral!!!!!


Gimme Ruffles, Gimme Lace

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A huge spring trend that I'm seeing everywhere is Ruffles and Lace. The great thing about this trend is that every age can wear it. It's just how you wear it.
Here are a couple great styles now at Sanity and that fit this fun spring trend perfectly!

The first picture is of the Grey ruffle front zip dress. This is a great way to wear the ruffle trend because it's not too much ruffle. So if you have a hard time with ruffles, this is a great stepping stone and it has a band that cinches and defines your waist. Best's only $68.00!

The second picture is of the Lacey trim tank. The tank has a asymmetrical hem with black ruffled lace trim. So perfect for any season because it's a really easy layering piece. $48.00

The third picture is one of my favorite pieces for spring and it's the Free People Scandalous Lace Top. This top is so versatile and looks great with fun colors worn underneath or wear it understated with a black cami or even with just a black bra if you're feeling extra scandalous! $48.00

The last and super sophisticated Sunner Florent Dress in Electric Blue will be sure to turn heads. The color is so gorgeous and the ruffles are so sweet. My favorite part about this dress is... the pockets! I LOVE a dress with pockets. 
The Sunner Florent dress can be found in thousands of celebs closets because of it's flattering fit.

As we get more fun trends in I will be posting more pieces because there is a way to incorporate every trend into your closet, you just have to be creative and have an open mind :)



It's all about the Benjis

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Right before the weekend we received this adorable pair of shorts,  Free People Benjis Shorts and it got me thinking about *SPRING*. I know we still have some time until spring gets here, but I'm always thinking about how I can take seasonal items and make them appropriate for the season we are currently in.
So back to the shorts.
Around this time each year, I get a strong desire to wear shorts. Currently there are so many cute styles out from pleated, silky, khaki, to denim shorts. Whatever your taste in shorts, this spring/summer has many different styles to offer.
Right now in Cleveland, Ohio we have a few inches of snow on the ground and it's 23 degrees Fahrenheit, so wearing shorts with bear legs is totally out of the question, but shorts with tights is a different story! I have always wondered what other people's opinions were about wearing shorts with tights/ leggings and through out my research I have discovered that everyone has a different opinion on the matter. My opinion on the whole "wearing shorts with tights" issue is that if you can pull it off and look good, go for it! Just the other weekend I wore a pair of black satiny bubble shorts with black tights cable knit tights and booties and got many compliments. I keep it simple when I wear this combo. Making sure the material of the shorts is weather appropriate is number 1. It's probably not a good idea to wear your linen shorts in the winter, you might look a little silly.
In my quest for answers to this dilemma I came across a few celebs wearing shorts with tights and thought that they looked great and were a great example of how to wear this style.

Blake Lively is pictured here wearing a very cold weather appropriate outfit with black shorts, patterned tights, over the knee boots, a cozy blazer and scarf.
(Photo from

I also found a photo of Katie Holmes, who isn't my favorite dressed celeb, but I think she pulled off this outfit really well and looks great! I especially love the stirrup tights with pumps... very cool.

I have added some pictures of shorts that are arriving to Sanity in Chagrin Falls and as we speak and the styles are so versatile and classic with an updated spin.

The first picture is the Free People Slinky Pleated Short which is a perfect example of an appropriate short to wear with tights. The satiny material  can be dressed up with patterned or solid tights, boots or pumps and a great top.
I also have the shorts pictured with a sweater so you can wear them while the weather is still cold and not freeze to death. I know, what a novel idea! :)
To dress down the look pair the shorts with a warm cable knit tight and flat boots. 
Click on the piece below that you would like to view:
Sweater: Free People Striped Ruffle Cardi Sweater 
Top: BB Dakota Aleka Top
Shorts: Free People Slinky Pleated Shorts

I think fashion is about taking risks and breaking out of routine.
If you try the shorts with tights outfit, I'd love to see it. Take a picture and e-mail it to me at


As I type this...The Melissa Plastic Dreams Spring 2010 Collection is on it's way to Sanity!
One style that I'm particularly excited about is the Kali II,  a super cute wedge with a bow to give it a hint of girliness.
Watch for it on and in store.
This is a shoe that you won't want to miss out on this spring!!!


Google Reader Relieves My Fashion Craving

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In the last couple weeks I have become completely obsessed with my Google reader. I feel so behind when I say this, but I never knew something amazing like this existed until my hubby told me about it. If you are unfamiliar with the Google reader it is through Gmail. You can subscribe to all of your favorite blogs and online sites and instead of having to go to each site directly you can read all of the content as well as look at all of the pictures on the Google reader.
My routine websites that i go to every day to get the latest scoop are now all on my Google reader and through out the day I just refresh and get all the updates from all of my favorite blogs and websites.
So I was saying in my title that Google Reader Relieves My Fashion Craving. My favorite site for a long time now has been If you are not familiar with the site and you are a fashion junkie check it out. It's fashionable people submitting pictures of what they are wearing on a daily basis and the posts are from all over the world. The site is constantly being updated and new pictures are always being posted. It can keep me consumed for hours.
So anyway, back to my Google reader. I organized my sites by categories and now I can click on a category like "fashion" and all the sites that I have listed under my "fashion" category are automatically in my Google reader and to get all the updates I just click update and all the new posts are right there.
I am in LOVE!
You can subscribe to on your Google reader and get all the updates from the Sanity blog too!


Lady Gaga Grammy's Fashion 2010

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As I was watching the
 Grammy's lastnight (January 31st) I was making a best and worst dressed list in my head like I do for every award show, but this year as I was making my list and only a few celebs made me think "Wow!"
As I watched Lady Gaga on the Red Carpet, I knew she would make a lot of people's "worst dressed" list and  I have come to the conclusion that Lady Gaga's fashion doesn't belong on "best" or "worst" dressed list. No matter which category any fashion police put her in, she will always wear something unique, crazy and totally out of this world. That is her style and her identity. Many have tried to make wild fashion their identity, but no one has succeeded in the way that Lady Gaga has.
I personally thought her Georgio Armani Prive Red Carpet look for the 52nd Grammy's was amazing as was her performance with Elton John.
She captivates her audience in everything she does and wears and as we saw in her interview with Barbara Walters she is a very well articulated and an intelligent woman.

If you missed the interview with Lady Gaga and Barbara Walters check it out below.