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Sanity is the fashion forward Men's & Women's Clothing & Accessory Boutique, specializing in the most sought after contemporary designers as well as handpicked independent labels from NY and LA. Sanity carries the hottest shoes and jewelry as well as unique gifts and apothecary lines. Sanity is truly a one of a kind and a must see!


It's a Jungle Out There...Protect Yourself

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We are proud to announce that Sanity is now working with H.E.L.P Malawi, a non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference by giving the children of Malawi Hope, Education, Love, Protection, and a chance to make their aspirations and dreams become a reality.

A little bit about H.E.L.P Malawi:

Over one million children in Malawi are without a parent, a home, and an education. H.E.L.P Malawi will make it possible to give the children a chance to make their aspirations and dreams become a reality, beginning with education.
100% of the funds collected by H.E.L.P. Malawi goes to direct service.
Please visit for more information about the organization and to learn about all the wonderful ways they are helping the children of Malawi.

Sanity is carrying boxers to help support the H.E.L.P Malawi foundation in their quest to make the lives of Malawi children better. Many of the orphaned children are orphans because their parents died from AIDS and because of this H.E.L.P Malawi has designed boxers with a condom pocket in the front. "It's a Jungle out there...Protect yourself in the bush" is written around the waist band. These boxers are super soft too, and 100% of proceeds go right to H.E.L.P Malawi. The boxers retail for $35 a pair and yes, the condom is included :)

To purchase a pair, stop in Sanity or you can purchase them from Sanity's website.

You could make a difference in a childs life...

Have a great day!

Isabel & Kevin


Happy Thanksgiving...and Happy Shopping!

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Make sure Sanity is on your shopping radar for Friday.
Stop in for a hot chocolate and 15% off everything black.

When you spend over $100 you will receive a cashmere scarf on us!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we'll see you Friday!
Kevin & Isabel


Sanity takes over Chagrin Falls for Photo Shoot

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Chagrin Falls must have hated us on Sunday because we were all over the town with cameras, flashes, lights, not to mention the beautiful models. We really made quite a scene because we were getting some looks, but the day was truly a success!

The photos look amazing, better than we ever expected.

We just wanted to thank Todd, Kevin's brother for a great shoot. It couldn't have turned out better.
Thank you Jessa, Katie, Jenn and Jim for being our models, you were all stunning and we have the pictures to prove it!
Thanks Doug for helping out as Todd's assistant, we know it was a tough day for you :)

We dressed everyone in clothes that can be found at Sanity. From Robert Rodriguez to William Rast, we put together some great looks!
It was freezing cold out, but everyone had a good attitude and suffered for fashion.
Here are a couple pictures, just a sneak peak of what we did.

Keep your eyes open for our ads and catalogue scheduled to come out soon!

Isabel & Kevin


Good Bye Lint Roller

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If you're anything like me, i am constantly using a lint roller. Whether it's a sweater that sheds onto my pants, my dogs that shed everywhere, or just static that causes everything to stick to clothing. I always find myself reaching for my trusty lint roller. The problem with the big lint rollers is they are too big to fit in my purse and the small ones don't really work. Luckily Hollywood Fashion Tape came out with a genious solution. Lint Remover Sheets called Touch Ups. They measure 31/4" X 31/4", super slim and fit perfectly in your purse or clutch. "Who wants to carry around a sticky, bulky lint roller in their bag?

Sleek and slender, Hollywood Touch Ups are totally portable packets containing 30 individual super-sticky sheets, whose sole mission is to snatch up pet hair, dandruff, dust and fuzz from your clothing and keep you looking impeccably groomed. Each package contains two slim packets perfect for pocket, briefcase, even your tiniest clutch, for a total of 60 sheets. Never be caught lint-laden again!"

You get 2 packs of 30 lint removing sheets in each pack and they retail for $5.00.

A great gift for anyone and for yourself!


We Love to Decorate!

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I have always loved the holiday season. The beautifully lit trees and houses, wreaths, big red bows, ornaments and candy canes. These are all just the begining of my love for the holiday season.

I never really used to decorate for the holidays until recently, but i knew that this year especially i wanted to focus on making our store window look beautiful and cheerful. I know that we can't go all out like Saks, Macy's and Nordstrom, but i knew that our window would look awesome when it was all done..and it does!

We just finished decorating our window and I am so proud of it. Putting down the fake fluffy snow, stringing the lights on the windows, placing our trees in just the right spot and putting our snow man in the window who is selling snowballs for 5 cents. Now that it's snowing out, it's starting to feel like the holidays. I do however refuse to start playing Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. So don't worry, no Christmas music yet. And i'm always sick of it toward the end of the holiday season too, but in the begining it's fun!

Well here it is, our window!

Make sure to come down and see it for yourself (it's much better in person) and take a look at all the great stuff we just got in for the holidays.

7 days till Thanksgiving!

I have to be honest when i say, I love the craziness of Black Friday.
After a day of relaxing and eating everything in sight there is nothing more fun than getting up at 4am to go to Best Buy in a blizzard to buy 3 TV's, but you can't beat the price.

I have personally experienced the craziness of Black Friday about 3 years ago and eventhough i would have rather been sleeping, it was actually a lot of fun.

What i didn't understand was the people who were waiting in the mile long lines and were buying a CD. Yes, one pathetic CD!

I would much rather be sleeping.

So to get in the spirit of Black Friday, we are having a Black Friday sale. Yep, we jumped on the bandwaggon and joined in on the craziness.

At Sanity we are giving customers
15% OFF Everything Black and a
Free Cashmere Scarf with a $100+ purchase.
Pretty good deal i think :)
Thanksgiving is 8 days away!
What's your favorite food at Thanksgiving?
Mine is mashed potatoes....


Sanity Grand Opening Party ~ A big hit!

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I just want to first thank everyone for coming to Sanity's Grand Opening Party Saturday. It was a big hit!
It was a really gross rainy day out but a lot of people ventured out and stopped by for Margaritas, Appetizers, Manicures and to try out Sanity's new lip gloss line Three Custom Color. Not to mention the deals everyone got..everything was 20% off!
That's the kind of attitude I like to see!
I would like to personally thank a few people. Thank you Jen for the "Sanity" cookies...they were so awesome!
Thank you Nicko for being a great bartender, i don't know what we would have done with out you!
Thank you Katie, you were such a huge help with selling and helping customers.
Thank you Tish from Salon Tamara, your manicures were such a great treat, everyone that got one LOVED it!
Thank you Lisa for introducing everyone to the new lip glosses.
And thank you to everyone that stopped by, it was a great evening and i can't wait to do something like this again!

So, it's officially 10 days away from Thanksgiving and i just can't believe how time is flying by. Thanksgiving means Chrtistmas is just around the corner and will be here before we know it. I'm already trying to think of presents to get everyone. Every year i tell myself that i am going to sit down and make a list of what to get everyone, and that NEVER happens. Somehow though i manage to not forget anyone, so i think if i forget to make a list again this year i should be OK.

I woke up this morning to snow on the ground and even though i have always been a freeze baby, I love the first snow. It just sets the mood for the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years without snow are just not the same, but after the new year i wouldn't mind if it went right back to mid 70's and sunny. I guess that's in my dream world though :)

Have great day everyone!



My dog is cuter than your dog

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I can't help but fall in love with all the dogs that take their daily walks in Chagrin Falls.

The town is so dog friendly, it's really very refreshing considering that a majority of cleveland is not dog friendly. I have always wished we lived in an area that you can take your dog everywhere with you and not have to leave them in the car.

I am so happy that we ended up opening a store in downtown Chagrin Falls for many reasons, but the fact that everyone is so dog friendly is such a huge bonus!

Once you get to know Kevin and I, you will come to realize that we are dog LOVERS! We have three of our own at home. Kevin's parents have 3 and my parents have 2. Needless to say, we are dog obsessed.

When I was looking at the new Junk Food tee collection and deciding which to styles to order, i saw one tee that i fell in love with.
I truly believe that any one who loves their dogs as much as i do can agree with the saying on the tee, "My dog is cuter than your dog".

We just got Junk Food and Made U Look Holiday 2008 collection that will make great gifts for the holidays. We will be featuring those starting tomorrow...everyone will love them! It's a great way to start getting in the mood for the holidays (which is my favorite time of year)

"I believe in Santa" is one of the Made U Look thermals that we will be bringing out tomorrow and there will be many more cute tees to come!

I'm going to go finish preparing for tomorrow's Grand Opening Party....please make sure to stop in at some point tomorrow...the party will be on rain or shine (or snow!!)

Have a great night everyone....Happy Friday!
Isabel & Kevin


Sanity's Grand Opening Party-This Saturday!!

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We have been busy preparing for our Grand Opening Party this Saturday November 15th. If you have not seen the site or received a mailer from us, the party will be an all day event with 20% off the whole store. Appetizers, wine, and MARGARITAS will also be served!

At 5pm, a manicurist and makeup artist will be joining us to give our guests complimentary manicures and lip gloss applications.

We are introducing a new lip gloss line to Sanity, Three Custom Color, a great line that can custom make any color you want from lip stick to blush to concealer, but i have discovered that their lip glosses are really great. All of their delicious shades have a glossy finish that never feels sticky and can be doubled into a blush. Anything that makes getting ready in the morning faster gets an A+ from me!

I have especially picked 3 colors to compliment cool, warm and neutral complexions. These lip glosses are a must try! Above is "Nicole's Favorite" which is their most complimentary color for Warm complexions.

Guys are invited and encouraged to attend on Saturday. We have a great men's section with unique lines for men than can not be found anywhere in Cleveland. We also have Theory, Hugo Boss Orange, William Rast, Joe's Jeans, and Morphine Generation just to name a few lines.

We will be having a Raffle for Cavs tickets, Clothing and other great prizes as well as gift bags for everyone.

Please make sure to stop in Saturday, we look forward to seeing you!

Kevin & Isabel


Sanity Online Shopping Site!

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Happy Monday everyone. The weather is really yucky outside, but it' s nice and toasty inside Sanity (thanks to our many lights!).

We have been hard at work all weekend taking pictures and uploading them onto Sanity's online web store. We have a long way to go, but once it is all done it'll be great! We will be keeping up with the site whenever we get new items as well.

So last night Kevin, his parents and I went to Crostatas Pizzeria in Highland Heights, a new pizzeria owned by Giovanni's. As we walked in I instantly smelled the deliciousness of a fresh baked pizza. In the middle of the exposed kitchen, stood a magnificent mosaic pizza oven. After reading up on the restaurant I found out that the owners shipped this pizza oven all the way from Italy especially for the restaurant. The pizza was truly authentic Italian pizza. The appetizers were great and the dessert was a work of art. At the end of our meal the chef came out and asked how our meal was and of coarse we all raved how good everything was. I would recommend this restaurant to everyone i know. It's a must try.
The address is: 558 Bishop Rd., Highland Heights, OH, 44143
They don't take reservations, but we walked right in.

We are starting to get ready for our Grand Opening Party! It's this Saturday November15 from 3-10...more details to come in tomorrow's post.

Have a good day!


Finally feeling like fall...

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I can't believe how cold it is outside. It really feels like fall today. We have been so spoiled with the weather this past week, i almost forgot that it's actually supposed to get cold outside.

The nice part about this weather is being able to wear all my cozy soft sweaters and great boots. My fall wardrobe is by far my favorite. I love the warm colors, plush velvet, cashmere, suede and scarves!

If you follow the fashion magazines, i'm sure you've noticed that scarves are a big trend for fall and winter, but it's more than just a way to keep your neck warm. Scarves are a great fashion accessory. They are easy to style with almost any outfit and they come in several colors, patterns and lengths so you can customize it and find your favorite way to to wear a scarf this season.
The scarf that Jessica Alba is wearing in the picture is the perfect example of a scarf that can work with any outfit.
You can find this Tolani scarf at Sanity after November 11th.
Sorry this entry is so short, but I'll be back on Sanity's blog tomorrow...stay tuned.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!


First official blog post! Get to know us...

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Welcome to Sanity's Blog site!

There are so many exciting things happening daily at Sanity and we just want to keep everyone updated as to what is going on at Sanity and in our (Kevin & Isabel's) lives.

We just want to first introduce ourselves to our readers and give you a sneak peak into our lives and who we are and how this exciting venture of opening Sanity began!

I (Isabel) have taken on the task of updating the blog so i'm going to stop writing in third person now.

Both Kevin and I grew up in the Cleveland area, Kevin graduated from Mayfield High School and I graduated from Solon High School. We actually met our senior year of high school, but did not start dating until several years later. I graduated from Cleveland State University with a pointless English major because i was always "told" that i was going to law school, but the whole time in the back of my mind i knew that law school wasn't for me and that i would one day end up doing something in fashion. It was always a passion of mine.

Kevin has always been an entrepreneur at heart, starting his first business when he was 16. His first love (besides me) has always been cars. He can work on any car he gets his hands on.
However, he has never stopped thinking of new business ventures to get into. He is so multi talented and he can adapt to any environment, which is obvious because he owns a clothing store now!

Kevin and I got married on May 25, 2008 at Landerhaven.
The wedding was so beautiful and could not have been any more perfect!
After our honeymoon in Maui we signed the lease to Sanity's location (8 E. Washington) and the work began.

This picture to the right is just to give you an idea of what our location looked like before the remodel...i know, BIG difference!

We had the vision of a trendy, fun, modern yet comfortable environment for our customers to shop in and when it all came together, it was everything we imagined it would be.

Inside Sanity you will find designer denim for men & women including; William Rast, Paige Premium Denim, Joe's Jeans, Laguna Beach, Rich & Skinny, James Jeans & Raven Denim.
Great sweaters, (fall is here!) jackets, sharp blazers for men and beautiful dresses for women.

You can find up-to-the-minute outfits from day to night at Sanity and we will be more than happy to help you put some outfits together to make getting dressed in the morning and for any occasion easy!

Please check our blog often because we will be updating it quite frequently.

See you soon!!

Isabel & Kevin